Top 5 Amorphous Beings in Film

Ah, amorphous beings. Always changing shape, always wanting to murder people. Here is a short list of some of my favorite villainous beings.

5. Creephsow 2 (1987)

In a segment entitled “The Raft” four unsuspecting friends decide to take a dip in a lake for some good ol’ summer fun. Things come to a grinding hault when they notice a giant, bubbly black mess floating on the surface of the lake, that seems to be consuming any and all birds in its path. As the oil slick looking mess of an amorphous being comes closer, it starts to terrorize the students, taking their lives one by one. Check out the clip below to see the goop in action.

4. The H-Man (1958)

A Japanese film that is known to some as Beauty and Liquid Men, this film was releases through Toho Studios, the same studio that brought us Godzilla. Created through a nuclear experiment, the H-Man, takes many forms, notably a blue liquid that melts human flesh upon its initial touch. It globs and gloobs around attacking people, which eventually gets the attention of the police. It’s a hard boiled, noir tale featuring a formless being terrorizing Japan. Click the link to view the original Japanese trailer.

3. The Thing (1982)

Well, to be fair, there are multiple amorphous beings in this movie, and none of them take the form of a pile of gloop. Special effects artists Rob Bottin spun his magic, creating some of the most visceral and disturbing creatures ever seen on film. A twisted spin on body horror, the “thing” inhabits a living host, and slowly replicates it form the inside out. We have husky dogs being flayed by their own tentacles, men being terrorized from the creatures that erupt form on another, and to make it worse, no one can trust anyone. Most of the creatures are discovered while still taking their human shape, which results in some of the most grotesque monsters imaginable. Below is a link to one of my favorite scenes involving these transformations.

2. The Blob (1988)

I didn’t want to flood this list with movies about the infamous Blob, so I chose the ’80’s incarnation of the creature. Here we have a pile of pink slime from outer space, landing on Earth inside of a meteorite. It terrorizes a small town, hanging from ceilings, roving through the sewers and jumping at unsuspecting people who decide to prod the Blob with a stick. People who are unfortunately enveloped by the Blob are doomed to slowly decompose inside its pink stickiness. The link below is a reel of all the death scenes, but if you watch at 00:18, you can see a helpless woman grab her friend’s hand and try to pull it out from the Blob, only to accidentally pull half his arm off! I mean, come on! Pure amorphous evil doing!

1. Akira (1988)

Were you really expecting something else as number one? 1988 proved to be a good year for killer amorphous blobs. Doomed, confused Tetsuo is a giant mess of a teenage boy, and things go from bad, to really bad, to worse, to WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!? Distraught, Tetsuo takes over the Olympics site where he sets up his throne, but like the good ol’ old doctor warned him, if he doesn’t take his pills then he won’t be able to control his amazing power. And he was right. Tetsuo loses control of himself, and starts to morph into a giant, fleshy bubbly mess of a man, sprouting organs and teeth and limbs and pink/yellow/grey slop all over his body. Pleading for his best friend, Kaneda, to help him, Kaneda just looks on in horrified awe. None of the beings on this list have anything on this universe reshaping blob. Check out the transformation below, . . . in French!

So what do you think? Did I leave any . . . thing out from this list? Anything on here that you folks think doesn’t deserve its spot in the amorphous being hall of fame? Let us know in the comments below!

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