SteelSeries: Siberia Elite Gaming Headset Review

default_23-00418-2014PD-2 As far as gaming headsets go, one would be hard-pressed to find anything as stylish as SteelSeries’ latest addition to their Siberia line; the Siberia Elite.  Winner of the 2014 iF product design award in the audio/visual category, this high end ($199.99) gaming headset has proven to me that it’s more than just good looks on a generic product.  The Siberia Elite’s elegant design is not to be ignored.  Steel Series made a series (geddit?) of design choices on the Elite that not only look good but improve the functionality of the device.   Through the use of an external USB sound card the Siberia Elite offers a range of functions both practical and aesthetic.   Most importantly (this is a headset we’re discussing), these headphones sound awesome. Low bass, clear highs and great, albeit passive, noise cancellation.

Steel engine 3
The Steel Engine 3 software lets you customize your listening experience, as well as change the color and pattern of the LED rings on the cups. Pretty.

Siberia Elite White - Side shot.jpg The suspension design headband had me skeptical on first impression, but I needn’t have worried. Extended use during gaming sessions, and even a few Netflix binges, caused me little to no discomfort.  The memory foam-and-leather cans did their job at providing a small amount of passive noise cancellation without feeling like they were trying to squeeze the frames of my glasses into diamonds against the side of my head.   If you’re looking for a headset that not only performs, but looks good while doing it (and you have two hundred big ones to throw down in that pursuit) then you could do much worse than the Siberia: Elite.

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