STATIC RIFT EP 199 (Pokémon special): Which Generation of POKÉMON has the Best Starters?

Rifters! You Clamored for it and we delivered it! This week we have a very special all Pokémon edition of the show. A Pokémon episode so special that we had to bring in our pal and follow Pokémon lover Brendan Mercier on as a guest host. There are always constant debates of what generation of Pokémon has the best set of starters, and who the best overall starter is. We go through and discuss each generation of starters, grading them on a point scale system consisting on a number of categories such as Design, ability, stats, moveset, typing/weaknesses, and lore. By the end of this episode we will finally end the debate of what generation has the best starters and which stater is the best overall.

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