Static Rift EP 164: Interview with Ted aka Pax Beach Baller

This week our hosts are joined by a very special guest, one of John best friends Ted otherwise known as the Pax Beach Baller. If you have ever been to Pax East in Boston then you have at one point or another had to wait in a very long, very boring line. Well, The Pax Beach Baller makes it his priority to make those lines not so painful. He brings loads of beach balls for everyone to play with and whack around. For the first time ever Ted comes on the show to talk how became the Infamous Pax Beach Baller. How he gets so many beach balls in and flying at once, why he loves Pax, and his favorite things from Pax 2019. Then to end the show John and Jason have a current state of wrestling segment, but the tables have turned. Can John be really the positive one who loves the current product? Meanwhile, has Jason become the negative one who is hating everything and is ready to shut the door on WWE for good? Have our resident wrestle-heads really switched places? Tune in and find out!

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