Static Rift EP 156: The 5th Annual Rifties Awards Show!

It’s that time of the year again — it’s Rifties season! It’s crazy to think that the Rifties were created 5 years ago, and over the last 5 years we have awarded the best of the best in comic books, video games, movies and television with our prestigious naked little golden man known as the Riftie award. This year we wanted to do something special with the Rifties. Firstly we gave our little golden man a name — Rick Riftie. We also added wrestling as a new category of awards to the Rifties, but that’s not all! Besides giving out Rifties for excellence in the squared circle, we wanted do something even more monumental. Thus, we decided not to just give out Rifties for best of 2018 but also bestow our highly coveted Riftie awards to the best of the best from the last 5 years! Every past Riftie winner has the chance to be named the greatest video game, tv show, movie, and comic book of the last 5 years. So come Join John, Jason, and the usual rogues gallery of guest hosts as we honor not just the best of 2018, but the best in the last half decade.

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