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Static Rift EP 109

We open this weeks show talking about the new Logan trailer which causes Jay and Pat to troll John which leads to a debate if In the new movie if Logan has adamantium or bone claws. Then John discusses with Pat his grips with Tom King’s current Batman run and why This maybe a first time John might drop a Batman  book and stop reading Batman all together.

Static Rift EP 108

On this edition of the Rift Dan and John chat about hd re-releases and whether they’re actually worth the money or just cash grabs. Then in the Anime segment we debate the relative merits of having a billion episodes with with some filler and not have to wait for new episodes or one concise story in season form but having to wait a year or two for new content.

Static Rift EP 107

This week Dan reviews Tyranny the latest role playing game from Obsidian Entertainment. Then for the comic segment we retouch upon Resurrexion, Marvel’s big relaunch of its X-men and Inhumans comics. We discuss all the latest details of the comics coming out for the inhumans side of things as well as the creative teams of the Blue and Gold X-man comics.

Static Rift EP 106

We talk about our gripes with the new Ghost in the Shell trailer as well as our fears that the movie will be a watered down verion of the anime we hold so dear to our hearts. Then with the presidential election having come and gone and all of us not agreeing with who got elected, We decided that we would involve something we love, comics  and give our opinion on what comic book characters would make for a better president then the one we will eventually have. Then to close out the show Pat and John talk about the experience they had during the most recent comic convention they attended, Rhode Island comic con. They review the whole event from panels to guests and talk the good and the bad and the pros and the cons of RI con.

Static Rift EP 105

The band is back together! That’s right Rifters, for the first Time in over a year all 3 original hosts are back together for this exciting episode. Not only is John joined by Sam and Dan but Pat also joins the fun. Which leads to a huge discussion about why Pat is done spending money on Marvel and DC properties as well now choosing to no longer read their comics. Then we review and discuss Marvel’s latest fI’ll  Dr. Strange, and decide where is ranks among all the other great Marvel movies from the past.

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