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Static Rift EP 118: with Jon Doherty

This week we are joined by our friend Jon Doherty to talk about what it is like to be in Boston on patriots’ Day during the Boston marathon. Then John talks about the recent addition of a third wolverine to the Marvel comic universe, does John think Three is a crowd? Listen in to find out.

Static Rift EP 117

This week Pat joins John to talk about the recent Ardian Syaf debacle at Marvel comics where the artist added anti-Semitic and anti-Christian references into the first issue of X-men Gold. Then to end the show since Pat and John are huge pro-wrestling fans we decided to have our first full fledged segemnt on pro-wrestling. listen as our hosts mark out on subjects such as this years Wreatlemaina, the diffrence in wrestling styles of WWE and NJPW and who we think is the top wretlier in the world right now.

Static Rift EP 116: With Mitch Hallock

We are joined once again by the Conjuror of Cons Mitch Hallock, to give us the latest details of Terrificon as well as his newest con CT Gamercon. Mitch lets us in on all they reasons you should be going to CT Gamercon and the lastest announced guests that will be at Terrificon. con talk isnt the only thing you are in for, as John also has a full on nerd out session with Mitch talking all the latest in comics, movies, and television.

Static Rift EP 115

This week we talk about the impact of marvel removing the digital copy code from its books without warning. Then after weeks of suspense, John finally gives his thoughts and his review of Logan. The movie that marks the final time Hugh Jackman will be wolverine. Did John love it or hate it? listen in to find out!

Static Rift EP 114: Interview with Bob Almond & Ms. Inkwell

This week have a very special show as we have not one but two, count ’em, two guests. We are joined by acclaimed comic book inker Bob Almond and, the spokesperson for the Inkwell Awards, Hailey aka Ms. Inkwell. We talk with Bob about his long career in comics working for all the major companies such as Marvel and DC Comics as well as smaller ones like Valiant and IDW. Bob also tells us about how he got stated in comics, what it was like to work on one of the longest and most quintessential runs of Black Panther in Marvel history. Thats not all though. Bob and Hailey also tell us the ins and outs of the illustrious Inkwell Awards! From how it was created, to all of the comic greats that are involved and endorse it. We even get hear what a day in the liFe of Ms. Inkwell consists of. This is a must listen for comic fans of all ages!

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