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Static Rift EP 136: The 4th Annual Rifties Awards Show!


It’s our favorite time of the year thats right Rifters, It’s time for the 4th annual Rifties award show! John is joined by Pat and the original Rifters themselves thats right, Sam and Dan also return to celebrate this epic night. A night where we give out our prestigious naked little golden man known as the Riftie award.  Only the best of the best in comics books, video games, movies and television can recieve this great honor, so tune in and find out who was the best of the best from 2017  that deserve the honor of receiving one of these highly valuable awards!

Static Rift EP 135: Star Wars The Last Jedi review

This week our favorite con promoter Mitch Hallock, joins John to discuss and review the highly controversial Star Wars The Last Jedi Movie. Listen in as two life long Star Wars fans tell you of what they loved or hated, as well as all the pros and cons of the movie. Did Mitch and John love episode 8? or do we have two angry nerds on our hands who find their lack in faith of the future of Star Wars being able to return to prominence disturbing.

Static Rift EP 134

It’s a great time to be a nerd! With the recant events of Disney buying fox studios. John and Dmitriy talk all the possibilities that can happen in the marvel cinematic universe , as well as all the rights of movies and tv shows that Disney now owns. We also give our review of The Punisher Netflix show.

Static Rift EP 133: With Mitch Hallock

This week Mitch makes his monthy visit to the Rift to talk all things nerdy. Hitting on such topics as Brian Michael Bendis leaving Marvel for DC,  a review of Thor Ragnarok, as well as other tid bits of nerdy news.

Static Rift EP 132

Jensen makes his return to the Rift to chat with John about the current state of Marvel and DC. Hitting on topics such as Legacy and Marvel’s recent attempt at 3d covers, as well as all the Dark Nights Metal and all its alternate Batvillain tie ins

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