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Static Rift EP 113: Valentine’s day special

Rifters come listen in as two of the most underqualified guys try to talk about love. That’s right we figured since we try to have a themed episode for every holiday, we thought we would try and tackle love and relationships in comics and have a Valentine’s Day episode. So come get lerdy with us while we try to combine love with nerdy topics hence the term lerdy and try not fail miserably at. Dan in works in his thoughts on the future of Steam Greenlight.

Static Rift EP 112: With Mitch Hallock

It’s been a while but The conjuror of cons and our Pal Mitch Hallock has returned to the Rift. Mitch joins us to talk about not one but two con that he is now running and promoting. That’s right Rifters, the man behind Terrificon is also the creator of new CT Gamercon. A fun new convention based around video and board games. So listen in as we get down and nerdy with Mitch talking about his two cons as well as a number of other nerdy topics. This is one nerd out sessions you won’t wanna miss!

Static Rift EP 111: with Jensen Thompson

This is not your normal episode of Staic Rift, as we are doing things a little diffrently this edition. Instead of our normal segments of comic books or video games that you know and love.  We change things up as we are joined by Jensen one of the admins of The Extraordinary Journey of a Black Nerd Facebook group to talk what if vs battles. Jensen serving as our battlemaster comes up with some awesome vs battles pitting some of our favorite charaters from Marvel and DC comics against one another, with one battles being Wolverine vs Deathstroke. Do you wanna know who wins? Well you will have to listen in to find that out!

Static Rift EP 110: The 3rd Annual Rifties Awards Show!


It’s that time of the year Rifters, and you know what that means It’s time for the 3nd annual Rifties award show! It’s where we bestow our little golden man holding the Static Rift logo statue aka the Riftie award to the elite  who excelled in excellence in comics books, video games, movies and television. Only the best of the best from 2016 will have the honor of receiving one of these highly sought after Riftie awards so join us and listen in for our crazy antics and the zaniness comes from this Prestigious award show but stay to find out the winners!

Static Rift EP 109

We open this weeks show talking about the new Logan trailer which causes Jay and Pat to troll John which leads to a debate if In the new movie if Logan has adamantium or bone claws. Then John discusses with Pat his grips with Tom King’s current Batman run and why This maybe a first time John might drop a Batman  book and stop reading Batman all together.

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