Jungle Rumble Comes to PS Vita

The Rift’s favorite rythm based RTS Jungle Rumble: Freedom Happiness and Bananas hit PS Vita this week!  If you missed our interview with Trevor Stricker president of Disco Pixel; JR:FHB as we affectionately call it around the office, has players drumming to control a tribe of monkeys through several levels set in three environments Juba Falls, Kagunga Forest and the Nadges Corp. Factory.  Jungle Rumble sets itself apart from a lot of touch games we’ve seen recently in that as your battles become more intense the music reacts dynamically, swelling as your mad monkey army increases,  and man look at those monkeys. So yeah, if you have a Vita (people bought those right?) we highly recommend this game.  If you don’t have a Vita Jungle Rumble is also available on iTunes.

Look at ’em


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