Fund this Book: A History of Mobile Games 1998-2008

Zoya Street, the prolific games historian and creator of the e-zine Memory Insufficient,  is now crowd-funding his new book, A History of Mobile Games 1998-2008, over at Indiegogo. The book will be created over the span of two years while attending the University of Lancaster (UK) and he needs your help!

Why help? Well, aside from being a really nice person you’ll get some really insightful books out of this deal! The more basic tiers grants you with a copy of the book, but higher tiers include the book as well as a physical copy of his previous work, Dreamcast Worlds, and a digital copy of Delay. Higher tiers grant you with hardcover copies, acknowledgments and even a mystery book from Zoya’s personal library.

We all have our own unique experiences with mobile games. Some people obsessively poor money into games like Candy Crush, some relentlessly play their pirated copy of Flappy Bird and others (like Zoya) may have fond memories of playing Snake.  As he writes on the campaign wall, “This book is about the historical meaning of those moments. It is a history of games as personal unfolding labyrinths, co-created in the relationship between humans and technology.”

There are gamers who still  frown upon mobile games, considering them the bastard child that are only played by “casual gamers.” Times are rapidly changing and with the evolution of technology comes the evolution of gaming. Mobile gaming is growing faster every day and it’s here to stay. The fact that more people than ever before are playing games can be solely credited to the rise in mobile gaming. This book is exactly what our ever-changing gaming culture needs.

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