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If you’ve had your ear to the ground of gaming news recently, chances are you’ve read at least one glowing review of Frontier’s space sim Elite: Dangerous. I, dear readers, am here to tell you that they are all true. Every last glowing bit of praise, hyperbolic or otherwise, is pure authenticity tapped from Yggdrasil itself and distilled into clear, refreshing Accuracy Ale(patent pending, not suggested for use by archers). I could easily fill this article with more of the same. I could, with little effort, heap further praise on its tight controls, hail the games BY THE NAMELESS GODS OF THE VOID I FEEL LIKE I’M ACTUALLY IN THE COCKPIT sound design.

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We love you guys so much we clocked some extra hours (read: minutes) to bring you a little extra content where we move outside of the Rift’s typical domain and discuss tech, music, and cops dancing to T-swift.  Don’t worry, we still manage to squeeze some video game talk in there.  Since this was a bonus episode intended to let us get a little loose for your amusement, we left in all the juicy four letter words! (Don’t tell our parents)

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