Battlefy Creates New Features for League of Legends Tournaments

This is the kind of update that players, fans and organizers can all enjoy.

The popular eSports platform Battlefy has teamed up with League of Legends developer Riot Games to create a new beneficial update for players. Users can now easily run their very own in-game competitions using the beta launch of Battlefy’s Tournament Code system. What exactly does this system do for you and your clan mates? Check this out:

  • Lobby Creation
  • Score reporting
  • Detailed post-game stats tracking

The good news doesn’t stop there. This system will help users keep up-to-date with their favorite teams and players, making this information readily available.

This is exactly what LoL needed. Already proving to be the most popular MOBA on the internet, you can’t deny the humongous, dedicated fanbase that is growing every day. These are the updates that a growing community needs. Hell, it’s getting to the point where LoL is transforming from a community into its very own subculture (one does not easily forget the mammoth display they had at this year’s PAX East).

Battlefy is easily becoming the most used and recognized eSport’s platform today, as they support over 42,000 games that you can create tournaments for. Here are a few companies that proudly champion Battlefy: Riot’s North American Collegiate Open, the American Open Qualifier for The Summit, the Gottacon LoL Championships, North American Dota SECS, High School StarLeague, Razer’s LoL Clash, Dota Peru Championships  and Ubisoft’s Might & Magic DoC Road2Paris Championships.

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