Static Rift EP 141: With Mitch Hallock

Mitch Hallock returns to the show for his monthly visit to talk about the newest guests appearing at Terrificon, the comics he is currently reading, and Infinity war as well as what it was like to watch the movie with Roy Thomas the creator of The Vision.

Static Rift EP 140

It’s been five weeks since our last episode, due in part to John being really sick but that is all in the past. Even though we just had a full wresling episode last show John has decided to dedicated another full episode to the squared circle,  as he has an axe to grind with WWE and the quality of their recent product.  The last few months since Wrestlemaina, WWE has mailed it in stringing togther lackluster event after lackluster event and John is tired of it, so he is joined by Jason to talk the current state of Pro-wrestling. Our hosts also mark out reviewing the latest NJPW event Wrestling Dontaku, and talk about what they think WWE is doing wrong and why  NJPW is currently the superior wrestling product.

Static Rift EP 139 Wrestlemaina Extravaganza

Ever since the meltdown of the Golden Falcon there has not been any wrestling talk on the show, but this episode that changes as John enlists his buddy Jason to help him talk all things wrestling. From WWE to NJPW with even a little ROH sprinkled in so all your wrestling bases are covered. Our hosts even give their predictions on who will win their matches at Wrestlemaina and what else they expect to happen on the grandest stage of them all.

Static Rift EP 138: With Mitch Hallock

With our big move from Thursdays to Tuesdays we wanted to have a huge first episode in our new Tuesday time slot, so we knew we needed a big time guest host. Who is a better guest host then the king of the nerds? Thats’s right for our first show on Tuesdays ever,  Mith Hallock joins us to talk all things nerdy. John chats with Mitch about CT gamercon as well as the greatest con on the east coast Terrificon. Mitch even lets the cat out of the bag on some of the guest coming to Terrificon and even announces some guests for the first time. Thats not all John and Mitch also talk about what they thought about Black Panther as well as what they think are the best and worst movies to come from the Marvel cinematic universe.

Static Rift EP 137

After a month long hiatus Static Rift is back in full effect with some huge news that will change the very foundation of Static Rift forever. Thats not all though John has an axe to grind with Marvel as they are relaunching their line of comics for the 4th time in 5 years. John is even contemplating dropping all of the marvel comics in his sub. So listen in as John goes over all of the new books coming out of Marvel’s refresh initiative and the creative teams on each book.

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